Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Queue

The Queue

Since the visit of the President of USA to our modest country, everyone is talking about nothing else but the Queue. If you have ever stood in a queue yourself, you will agree that it is the most time wasting and boring activity, if ever there was one. And since you are just waiting and standing , many thoughts keep crossing your mind as you wait for your turn to do whatever business for which you extended the line by joining it. So what must the most expensive and valued queue in the whole of India be thinking while they are awaiting their turn. One of them thinks "Will there ever be a queue for my mini car?" While the other one thinks "my one minute is worth Rs. 3 Crs. What am I doing here? How do I exploit this so that "R" becomes a monopoly brand in the US of A?". Someone else is thinking "jalebi phapda khilwanu ane Gujarat se amrika jawanu". And "how do I convince Him to off load more and more software jobs from America to India where I am the current king and annoit myself as Emperor" day dreams the one whose name is taken by many religious people in India and whose name is always invoked twice by the Narada. One person is thinking "why is my brother not acknowledging me. Then I can get an excuse to jump the queue by a few places". While the next "let me think of a strategy to export my big SUV's and MUV's to the big market in US of A". And "I want to replace AT&T and VERIZON in USA. How can I achieve it in a jiffy. I am willing to explore His support". So friends, is it not a very august gathering of the most valued individuals in India who assembled on a cold wintry January morning to grab a few moments of their personal glory with the most Powerful Man on Earth...of course, courtesy the Man of the Hour...the Man on a Mission. 
Coming to think of it...time comes for each and everybody in India to stand in a queue...from the lowly denizens standing outside a rationing office to a gathering of this sort comprising of the Who's Who of India.
After all someone has rightly said "Mera number kab ayega?"

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