Thursday, 24 September 2015

Gall bladder stones - an episode in my life

Paththaron se aaj Mein takra gaya (Gall bladder stones)
Yes, it was literally that when I fell victim to gall bladder stones. Till now these stones were lying dormant in the gall bladder undetected, but which might have given me some signs in the past, of their presence, but I always brushed it away as acidity. Anyway, like a dormant volcano, which erupts unannounced suddenly, I got the first indication of something wrong, in August, when I had acute abdominal pain and had to rush to the doctor who advised immediate sonography . But again the pain subsided and I did not do the sonography and dismissed the pain as...acidity. I think my body finally lost its patience with me and decided to give me a good painful wakeup call. On the night prior to the Ganpati festival (night of 15th/16th), the pain started getting out of hand and I had to rush to casualty department of the hospital at 5.00 am and they administered me pantoprazol and painkillers. Only after getting the painkiller injection, could I sleep for @3 hours. But that was the only relief, since the effects of the painkillers wore off and my pain was back. So I was back to the OPD of the hospital and was scolded by the good doctor to get the sonography done immediately. This was done at the earliest and gall bladder stones were detected in the same. Informed the doctor and he asked me to get admitted immediately and meet the gastroenterology surgeon. But I delayed getting admitted since the surgeon was available only in the evening. In the evening when me and wife met him, he too asked me to get immediately admitted but we asked for time since the next day was Ganpati festival. He agreed for the same but told us to get admitted immediately if there is any further episode of acute pain. He also told us to get some urgent blood tests done since the pain was also in my back now and he wanted to check the status of the pancreas. We did all the blood tests the same evening and awaited for the reports the next day.
Next day being Ganesh festival, we got busy with all the preparations, aarti, etc. which went off well but all the while I was in pain, though it was not excruciating. In the afternoon my wife went to the hospital to get the reports, which when we saw them, found that some of the values of some parameters were very high compared to normal range. I quickly checked the net and could see that these values denoted acute pancreatitis but could not fathom the criticality of the same. In the evening our guests started coming in and we did not let them know about my health in much detail except that it was abdominal upset. But then my temperature started rising, touching almost 101 and I also started feeling weak and my friends who were visiting at that time, suggested I should get admitted immediately. So finally on Ganpati festival day, @11.00 pm I was admitted to hospital. I was immediately put on 'no oral foods or drinks' (not even water) diet and the only energy source available to me was the IV . Finally over a period of 3 days, the pancreatitis was brought under control (10 injections in stomach) and the fever was also eliminated and finally I was ready for the gall bladder removal surgery on Monday, 21st Sept. Which was conducted successfully and I was discharged on the evening of 22nd September. Now I am recuperating at home and now the stiches will be removed on 28th September.
So guys, my advice to all of you is that don't ignore the small signs which your body gives in the time of stress otherwise it is only at your own risk.

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