Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Nirbhaya means "without any fear". Why did we name her Nirbhaya? Who named her Nirbhaya? What was the message we wanted to give by naming her Nirbhaya? Today, when the so called "juvenile" is set free, what message is being given? What do we answer to the world? What do we answer her parents? More important, what do we answer ourselves? Many of us are parents of girls. What do we answer our daughters? We Indians show the greatest unity and fight with a common enemy ...with all our might. When our country was threatened by a neighbouring power, all politicians, of all political leanings, got together to oppose it. The entire parliament united since everyone realised that, this was a common enemy. Then what happened this time? Was this crime, not a threat to the country's social fabric? Why was no commitment shown, to get a law passed, which would have ensured a punishment, which was commensurate with the serious and gruesome crime committed by the "juvenile"? Instead of this, we saw the parents of the girl , being held in custody. The parents of the girl are fighters. Many others in their place would have just broken down by now. But they are fighting, so that no other girl who is a child of other parents, feels vulnerable because of the weakness of the country's laws. More important, they are fighting, so that no other devil, in human clothing, takes advantage of the weak laws of the country. They deserve all our support. Even the smallest step taken by you in this direction, will eventually force the establishment to make the necessary changes in the laws. It is also in the interest of the establishment, that the citizens of the country, see it as a strong entity, which takes fast actions to set right the wrongs in the society. People with a criminal bent of mind are always ready to take advantage of a weak establishment. This must never be allowed to happen.

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