Friday, 12 August 2016

The craze for Harry P.

The craze for Harry P.
I think I am writing this a little late in the day since the craze for Harry Potter is now a few decades old. My childhood was enriched by comics of Phantom, Mandrake, Superman, Richie Rich, Little Lotta, Dot and many Amar Chitra Kathas. And for reading, there was the good old Enid Blyton and her five friends. And who can forget the adventures of Tintin, and Asterisk and the friendly Gauls. But everything pales in comparison to the craze of Harry Potter and his adventures and friends.
I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter by my daughter, Gauri. The first book came into our house when she was in 4th standard, maybe. And then a custom got established in our house; buying the latest Harry Potter novel as soon as it hits the book house. We always encouraged the reading habits of our daughter, since it was much better than whiling away the time in front of the TV set or the computer screen. Each new book release was awaited by her with bated breath. And when finally the book entered the house, she entered a world of magicians, magic spells, Hogwarts, Quidditch (hope I have captured the correct spelling) and the different adventures which our Harry Potter got into, along with his numerous friends. Dumbledore and his antics brought great fun to her world. I am sure, same was the case in many of your homes. And once the film franchise started, suddenly the imaginary world was revealed in great colour to the bachcha log and their parents, who let their inner child escape, to enjoy the spectacle on screen. Till today, anytime Harry Potter and his assorted adventures are running on any channel, the remote is firmly in the control of our daughter.
I think what J.K. Rowling achieved by unleashing the magical world cannot be described in a few sentences since she created a world, which was innocent but at the same time, enjoyable and mysterious but never overly frightening. A world to which, the maximum children were attracted all over the globe and enjoyed by the grownups as well. She managed to create a parallel universe where the children can go without fear and soothe their study burdened stressed minds.
Yatindra Tawde

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