Saturday, 17 September 2016

The privacy policy

The Privacy policy

A few years ago, a very big internet search engine, launched the street view on their Map app, which was a big rage, with people getting enthusiastic to see the streets, near their places of interest, near their residences or offices. If they spotted their own building or car, they were the happiest. But at the same time, the cameras managed to capture the people too. While some people were happy to be seen, some grouchy people took it as infringement of their privacy. These were the same people who had no qualms of appearing in their birthday suit, on assorted internet sites. Some of these people were adventurous, and sued the internet search engine and it had to settle quite a big amount with such people. This prompted the search engine to blur or pixelate the faces, whenever these appeared on the street view. But it made a grave mistake;it developed a code to automatically blur such faces, and this gave rise to some funny incidents.

Recently, people going through the street view, were treated to a very odd image, it was an image of a bovine, with its face blurred. Perhaps, the Internet search engine had started taking the privacy policy very seriously and extended the policy to animals too. Maybe they were afraid of the owners of animals suing them for intruding the privacy of their animals. Or perhaps the “Sundar” CEO of the search engine had suddenly become a bovine rakshak and trying to protect them from the assorted predators of the human kind , who were on the prowl to convert them into feed. Blurring the faces of the bovines could make identification difficult and thus make them free to roam about the highways.

Yatindra Tawde

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