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A Life Well Lived

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I must say, this must rank as the most difficult prompt given by the BlogAdda team. Frankly, who introspects about one’s life during the course of a lifetime, except at the very end, when you know that the end is near? However, one should always give his best when writing, by a little imagination and more introspection. Just like an actor who gives his best when asked to emote a death scene by his Director, so must a writer, who has been given a prompt. So here goes!

I came into this world, without giving much trouble to my mother (no caesarean) and this trait of mine, of not giving trouble to anyone, has stayed with me throughout my life. Of course, my wife might disagree to this claim of mine. How do I trouble her, you might ask? Well, by being laid back in my attitude, unnecessarily procrastinating on small issues, being unorganised, whether in filing important papers or by leaving my wet towel on the bed after a bath, etc. What can I do if my towel likes to rest on the bed on a lazy Sunday morning?

The early years, till I was in school were the best, with school days and exams, well interspersed with weekend visits to the many relatives, both, on my mother’s and my father’s side. These visits were the best, since my relatives lived in different parts of Mumbai, thus I was also able to observe the lifestyle of those living in South Mumbai to those living in the suburbs. Visits out of Mumbai were mostly limited to visiting my Mama(Mother’s brother) in Ahmedabad or my Atya(father’s sister) in Indore. Just writing about it makes the beautiful images flash before my mind’s eye.

Every evening during school days, was spent in playing assorted games like cricket, football or even almost extinct games like playing with marbles, wooden tops in  beautiful colours, viti-dandu, or a game called Lagori, which consisted of breaking a pile of flat stones by throwing  a ball at it and the opposing team trying to pile it up again without getting caught. Even the game of cricket was of many types, ranging from over-arm and under-arm bowling to playing on the roads and then going out to play it inside the house, to the consternation of grownups.

Start of a school year was always looked forward to, in spite of all the enjoyment during the summer holidays, as it meant new books, new notebooks, pencils, pens, new uniforms, etc. I particularly remember the smell of a newly opened notebook, umm…and the games played during the recesses, again a form of cricket with a paper ball and notebook acting as a bat, catch me if you can, and many others.

Those were the days which were not touched with consumerism like today and events like school opening and Diwali, were awaited with enthusiasm since they meant new clothes, new shoes. Festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Holi were celebrated boisterously with lots of fireworks noise and late nights. The cultural programs during the Ganpati festival was unique since they meant daily dose of dramas, orchestras, fancy dress, etc., which were literally, adventures for us.

College days, especially Engineering college days were most memorable since they were spent living in another city with a bunch of great guys who today are the best of my friends.

For me cricket was and is, the greatest game and I was lucky to see such gems as Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Vengsarkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Virender Sehwag, Laxman, Saurav, to King Kohli and Dhoni and Yuvraj. And who can forget, the Engineer, Kumble. Almost 6 generations of talented, cricket world capturing cricketers.

I got married to a great lady and we brought up the greatest daughter. The days spent with them during the daily grind, were always looked forward to, after a hard day's work. And the yearly trips to different places during the holidays were unforgettable.

2010 was the year when I suddenly discovered my passion for writing. Mind you, I was not very prolific then, but I had made the discovery. I became a prolific writer, 2014 onwards, and concentrated on writing my blog posts, and bored my near and dear ones, by sharing with them. This was one enterprise, which gave me immense pleasure and continues to do so. I feel, this is my true calling. Only regret is that this has come quite late in life, after crossing my 40’s. But its always better to find your true calling, rather than not discovering it at all.

Finally, I am happy that I was always there for few of my relatives, when they felt the need to just talk to me and meet me, if not for anything else. And the same goes for me, that I was lucky enough to meet them, whenever I felt a vacuum in my life. I, especially feel happy, that I was near my grandmother, in her very old age and she found great happiness in interacting with my daughter, who enthusiastically loved her back. It was the greatest of bonds, between the oldest and youngest members of our family. I am happy that my parents can stay with me whenever they feel like and be a calming influence on my daughter. I am happy about the great relationship I enjoy with my cousins, and we continue to maintain and strengthen our bonhomie, which was an integral part of our family fabric during the previous generation, too.

Yatin Tawde

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