Sunday, 8 January 2017



Air travel has become fraught with risks, especially for the ladies, with some gents losing control over their hormones. More so, this happens during international flights where free supply of liquor acts as an instigator. So to keep such men restrained, plastic handcuffs are available with the flight attendants. I had never known about this fact but today I read in the papers that now, the domestic flights will also have these contraptions. It says a lot about the Indian male trustworthiness, or otherwise, in today's times. If 2016 belonged to the Indian woman, what with many achievements in various fields like sports, business, entertainment, you name it and the Indian woman was at the forefront. After all, who maintained india’s honour at the Olympics! It was Sindhu, Dipa and Sakshi. And the year closed with the greatest woman achievement film like DANGAL.

But 2017 is proving to be something else. It started with a very shameful New Years night where men behaved like zombies (I don't want to shame the animals hence I say that they behaved like zombies). And now this news about plastic handcuffs on domestic flights. To restore India as a safe country for women, a huge effort will be required. Before the literal meaning of the Swach Bharat Abhiyan , a real Swachata program to clean up the minds of the male specimen, is the real need of the hour, including those sitting in power, who say, “These things happen”.

Yatindra Tawde

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