Thursday, 2 February 2017

Breath Control

Breath control

Feature phones had physical buttons. The smartphones came with their on-screen buttons. I remember that when I first saw a smartphone, I think it was the Samsung Galaxy, I was mighty impressed that it did not have any physical buttons for a keyboard. Then came voice control for commands and the phone started reading out the in-coming messages, and gesture control of basic functions. This was followed by finger print recognition technology. Every one is aware about the forthcoming attractions like a foldable screen and the keypad being displayed on your hand, where you touch your own hand within the keypad area, and the respective characters appear on the screen. I also understand that the biggest smartphone manufacturers are working on direct brain control of the smartphone, but how will they stop the brain waves from interfering, I am eager to see. But recently I read somewhere about yet another control mechanism and I was zapped.

It involves blowing air on the phone screen for various functionalities. For example, one short air blow from your mouth opens the number key pad, when you are typing, two short blows deletes a word, three short blows deletes a sentence whereas a one long air blow puts the phone off.

If this is converted to reality, I can foresee the Yoga classes getting more enrolments. After all, Yoga does teach you the best methods of breath control. And when the application of breath control becomes a very critical part of operating that extension of a human being, which is a smartphone, then Yoga wins hands down.

An Airport lounge…people sitting at various corners, their heads bent over their smartphones, some of them walking, staring at their screens, while a few are in that odd posture, which has become very prevalent in today's world. Its that well known posture, where the phone is held with the shoulder raised and kept in place by tilting their neck and applying pressure with the face, and the mouth chattering away to glory. And every now and then, the people are blowing on their respective smartphones, making their already bacteria filled screens, more crowded with exotic bacteria.
Yatindra Tawde

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