Thursday, 11 May 2017


I was one of the few miniscule Indians who had not watched the first part of Bahubali on the big screen. But then I watched it on TV , when one of the channels premiered it. The scale and grandeur of the film floored me. The waterfall scenes overwhelmed me, the love story of Bahubali and Avanthika sucked me into the narrative and the elaborate war scenes with Kalakeyas, an army of savages, having their peculiar communication language of clicks and grunts, mesmerised me. The battle chariot of Bhalladev, with its sharp rotating scythe, was a very novel contraption. All this, and the fact that I had missed this spectacle on a big screen, made me await for the second part, which I was surely not going to miss.
Finally last week I happened to see the second part and was totally bowled over. As expected, the VFX was totally awesome and took movie watching to a whole new level, the story was very relatable. Whatever maybe the era, the gamut of human emotions remain the same. There was romantic love, and then there was maternal love. If there was loyalty, jealousy was in equal measure. While the entire male cast acted well, their physical prowess was exponentially enhanced by VFX. The real heroes were the two lady stars, Ramya Krishnan and Anushka Shetty. While Anushka looked beautiful and has great personality, Ramya Krishnan exuded serious regal bearings. The role of a matriarch in power, suited her to a T. While the first half of the movie is mostly romantic, it gathers steam when the war games start. One must appreciate the imagination of the fight coordinators, who have really researched upon the war techniques of ancient times.
And finally the film is about Rajamouli’s vision. Rarely a Director is given such a free hand to bring his vision to the people, and how! It is never about just mindless action or VFX, but has its story telling soul firmly in place. Hats off to the makers of Bahubali…and all it's actors, who have really lived their characters, to create a real blockbuster of a film.
Yatindra Tawde

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